Cooking Classes

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Chef John Marston will demonstrate the preparation of his favorite dishes during these two hour cooking activities. Come join us on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons as groups of 8 participants each learn, create and eat gourmet meals.

You will have some hands-on participation in every class. The best part is eating the many great dishes we prepare for every class. We suggest you "bring an appetite"! #4. we will discuss ways to stock a personalized "pantry" for your home kitchen, for quick and easy dinner preparation.

Dinner doesn't have to be a "chore"! You will learn chef secrets for making the ordinary into something extraordinary and all the while making cooking fun! These classes are topical and not beginner basics although beginners are certainly encouraged to take these classes. We have a good time in these classes so don't miss out. You'll meet some new people and laugh a lot!

Visit the Cooking Classes page on to see what's upcoming. To sign up, call 802-463-4929 to ask about availability and methods of payment.