Gadgets are the mainstay of Thyme to Cook and the items we love buying the most! From fun ways to peel a potato (and then make it into a french fry) to staples like spatulas and measuring cups, our "gadget wall" has it all.

  • Boos butcher top tables, J.K. Adams cutting boards and locally made cutting boards (as well as boards made from recycled materials)
  • Tea pots, honey pots, and loose tea screens
  • French Press coffee makers
  • Thermos products for keeping things hot and cold
  • Pizza Pizza! We've gone stones, peels, pans, cutters and cookbooks for everyone's favorite food group.
  • Whirley Pop popcorn makers
  • Kitchen Aid attachments (beater blades, ice cream, pasta, sausage, and more!)
  • Scales from Escali and a wall of thermometers from Taylor, CDN and Polder
  • Compost pails made from bamboo, ceramic or stainless steel.
  • Aprons, mitts and potholders to make the cook look good!
  • Over a dozen types of whisks and spatulas in colors and stainless steel
  • Measuring cups and spoons, Microplane graters, herb snips and dozens more tools!
  • Mortar & Pestles
  • Cutting Boards
  • Salt & Pepper Mills